my first instructable

Those that know me know that I’m a bit obsessive about creating. I love to build things, and if I go through a week without flexing my creativity, I really feel like that week was wasted. I’ve always assumed I’m a bit odd in that respect, but I’m not really sure. Given the amount of interest I’ve seen in Make: Magazine and their wonderful Maker Faire, maybe everyone out there is just a closet creator.

Anyway, because of my love of creating, my projects tend to hover somewhere between concept and almost finished. I’ll start on one, and then move to another and another before it’s done. My workbench is as you would expect… covered with gadgets at various levels of completion. With one of my latest project though, I decided to push through until I was finally finished with it. Yesterday I decided to finally just call it good (and stop tweaking it) and post it on So without further explanation, here you go: my first instructable.

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