stupid OS X…

I recently started using a shiny new Macbook Pro at work, and I’ve mostly been in love with it. So much so, that I really do prefer the thing over Gentoo now. It’s just that things are so much easier. And hey, the prettiness isn’t anything to cough at.

There remains two things that annoy me to no end, though:

1) The hideous, insidious, freakious (?) lack of mouse tracking. Yes, I’ve read all of the writeups on why it can’t be done, and I’ve tried a few of the programs that claim to make it work, but none of them are really good fixes. They’re just… so so. I really wish there was some way to make it work. :cries:

2) That you can only resize a window with a tiny little handle on the bottom left corner! I came to the Mac from the wonder that is Enlightenment. I could hold alt, middle click, and resize from any region of the window. Now I KNOW this isn’t a problem with the way Darwin works. There are no logic issues. There’s nothing stopping Apple from doing it, other than a lack of time or pressure.


One can still dream though.

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