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chirp chirp chirp

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Have you ever been sitting there, happily chatting away with some friends, and someone makes a joke that’s well… it’s just SO unfunny that you have to point it out? A joke that is meant to be hilarious, but bombed so hard that everyone is just left looking at the ground or at each other, wondering what on earth just happened? It’s occurred quite a few times around me, and every time I can’t help but think of those same wonderful moments alluded to on the Simpsons, where you hear the wind blowing through the character’s hair, or hear a wolf howling, or (my personal favorite) hear a cricket chirping.

That’s why I set out to build a program that sits in your system tray, anxiously awaiting the moment when you click on it and it gets to chirp it’s little heart out. So without further rambling, I present Cricket 1.0. Pretty simple… just download it and run it. You’ll see a little icon in your tray that you can double-click at will.

Go ahead! Make fun of your coworker’s unfunny jokes! It’s quite possibly one of the most enjoyable things ever. ;)

Have fun, and if you find this program useful, please comment! Also, if you would like the source code, just ask. I’m not posting it right now just because I figured no one would really want it… but if you’d like it for reference or modification, I would be happy to provide it.